Ang Tian Hock

Ang Tian Hock Trading Pte Ltd is specialised in import, export and wholesale distribution of premium quality of frozen food & Seafood in Singapore. The establishment began in 1970 with our passion to source out quality food and deliver it to Singapore market at a competitive financial value.

In 1982 Ang Tian Hock Trading distinct ourself as one of the pioneer in importing sea cucumber and dried jellyfish. Along with it, we continue to grow the variety of products such as vannamei & black tiger prawns, finger food, venison (deer meat), smoked salmon and other fresh fishes on our list. Attention to food quality and enthusiasm to listen to clients’ needs has since brought us to currently become one of Singapore’s leading Food & Beverage distributors with it comprehensive portfolio, including renowned hotels, food services & events catering. From years of experiences, we develop a deep knowledge of handling and logistic services of frozen food and seafood supply chain. This expertise combined with dedication to provide excellent service have earned us the trust of clients ranging from exporter, whole sale and food services. In this globalisation era, Ang Tian Hock Trading Pte Ltd aims to satisfy the demand of all kinds of clientele, both corporate and individual alike.